Sunday, 13 September 2015

Gas Safety Week?????

Well as I write this it is one day until Gas Safety Week 2015, I'm a little confused by this, as all the installers I know have a Gas Safety Week, every week, 52 weeks of the year, we don't just have one week of promoting Gas Safety.

It seems to be a scheme where us the little installer are overshadowed yet again by the usual do gooders, MP's and those who jump on any bandwagon that comes along, so they can fill themselves with their own self importance and pretend they give a s*@t, then when the ability to self promote has gone they disappear, never to be heard from again until its time to jump on the next bandwagon.

I am all for supporting Gas Safety, but we do that all year round, I have previously joined the Gas Safety Week in the past, but I refuse now, don't get me wrong I am not complaining about Gas Safe, I don't have a problem with having to be a registered gas installer, I do have issues with the ACS scheme, but thats another Blog.

It was pointed out to me by a fellow installer on Twitter, that B&Q have jumped on the Gas Safe Week band Wagon, B&Q???? Really? a DIY store that sells gas products to the unqualified, I'm sorry, but I think Gas Safe should NOT permit the likes of B&Q to promote themselves via Gas Safe, its a kick in the teeth for all us installers who have to be qualified and pay to allow us to work on gas, whereas B&Q sell gas products to anyone and everyone, untrained and unqualified regardless, it makes a mockery of the whole Gas Safe scheme.

If Gas Safety Week was just about promoting Gas Safe Registered installers, in conjunction with manufacturers, promoting the importance of using qualified Gas Safe tradesmen, then it would get my support, but when it permits a DIY chain to promote themselves on the back of all us Gas Safe installers, then sorry, its not for me

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