Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Water Safe UK

Finally a scheme that can bring work to installers who already have the correct qualifications, without the need to pay out extortionate fees to take a course to prove competence in areas they have already paid out to prove, there is also no joining fees or annual fees, plumbers should give this scheme 100% of their support, we need to show that schemes like this that support the installer, without the bureaucracy and charges, WILL succeed, there is no need for huge unnecessary paper trails, just good quality, qualified installers, who will provide the public with good safe drinking water and sanitary appliances, i personally will report any contraventions in the Water Regulations that I find, to Water Safe UK, as I believe it is important that we raise water quality in the UK through good installation practices, so come on Plumbers, we have had lots to moan about in recent times with schemes that cost us lots of money and have lots of bureaucracy for little or no return, so lets celebrate a scheme that can get us work, supports us for no cost, lets get 100% behind Water safe UK and if you use Twitter follow them @WatersafeUK I will be giving this scheme my full support        

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