Thursday, 5 April 2012

Plumbing Forums

What are people’s opinions of Plumbing Advice forums, I personally am against them, why do plumbers want to devalue their trade, why would anyone who has gained knowledge of their industry with hard work and study want to give that knowledge away for free, I used to partake in these forums a few years ago, but then I woke up and thought what on earth am I doing, I have been in this industry for 30 years, I attended college for 4 years, I have been on numerous manufacturers training and have even had training in other European countries by highly skilled engineers, I still to this day attend manufacturers training as I am a firm believer in CPD (continuing professional development) all to gain knowledge, from this gained knowledge I have travelled to other countries in the world to pass on my knowledge to others, training installers in these countries to how to design, install and commission thermal solar systems and I have been paid very well for my knowledge, that is what I gained the knowledge of my industry for, to earn a decent living, so why would I want to give this knowledge away for free, I really do not understand why some plumbers want to give their knowledge away, what to the get from it, some I have spoken to say, if someone is going to DIY it is best they are told how to do it properly, I don't agree with that, DIY’ers should stick within their comfort zone and only DIY what they are capable of doing, if they need advice to do a job suggests to me that they should not be attempting that job, also reading through some of the advice given on these forums it is often incorrect advice and sometimes dangerous advice and often causes arguments amoungts the installers on the forum, which degrades our industry even further, we need to have some pride in our industry and try and gain public respect for what we know and do, giving away advice free just cheapens the industry in my opinion, how many other industries do you know who give away their knowledge for free, you would not get advice from a solicitor for free would you.
Knowledge is how we earn our money and we should protect that knowledge, someone on a forum once wrote the following, which kind of sums up what I am saying.
A guy takes his car to a garage, because the engine is making a taping noise, the mechanic starts the engine opens the bonnet and  listens, yes, I hear the taping noise,  he takes a hammer and taps part of the engine twice with the hammer, the taping noise stops instantly, OK sir that will be £55.00 please, what! exclaims the car owner, £55.00 just for hitting the engine with a hammer, no says the mechanic its £5.00 for hitting the engine with the hammer and £50.00 for knowing where to hit it..

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