Sunday, 23 October 2011

Boilers and Installers

People often ask what is the best boiler, well there is no definitive answer, each installer will have their own preference of what they prefer to install and what is in their opinion is the best boiler, one they are used to and can repair and maintain, but what is more important for you to have an efficient system is the installer and the installation, it is important that the system is designed correctly, radiators have been sized correctly for the heat loss of the room, pipes insulated where needed and that the system is flushed and clean before been put into operation, dirty systems are often the cause of breakdown, another important factor is good controls, your system needs to be well controlled to be able to respond to your requirements in the most efficient way possible, listen to your installers, don’t think they are just trying to flog you something to make more money, controls are very important and most installers will not sell you anything you do not need, it does not really benefit them.

At the end of the day trust your installer’s opinion on the type of boiler, they have the knowledge and experience of that boiler, rather than taking what you have read on the internet in your decision, the UK need to have a relationship with their Plumbers, we are not all rip off merchants, what you see on Rogue Traders is a tiny proportion of installers, but they will always fail to tell you how many good installers they had who found the fault and charged a fair fee, because that would not make good TV