Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Green Deal

The Green Deal is less than a year away from starting and as usual no one really knows what is going on, lack of detail and information from the powers that be, but one thing has come to light, it appears that installers will have to go through another accreditation process to join Green Deal, this on top of MCS and Gas Safe, WHY? It matters not how the scheme will be run, or how the household will be assessed, the installation will be the same as every other installation and I believe that installers who are correctly qualified should be able to install under Green Deal for free

Without installers on board the scheme will not work, but trying to fleece the installer again to allow us to be on this scheme will mean many high calibre installers will not bother and the scheme will fail, it will end up been run by the large companies who will employ cheap labour who will work under the large companies Green Deal Accreditation and we will end up with poor installations, the UK has some of the best Plumbing & Heating installers in the world in my opinion, but  bureaucracy, red tape and costs often mean the public miss out on been able to use the knowledge, experience and high quality installation of these installers, when will the Government stop trying restrict our trade and allow us to trade freely to the general public, I believe the current system far from preventing the cowboy element, has increased it 

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  1. Chris,
    Another interesting blog.
    I don’t recall even hearing about this Green Deal thing.
    Yet again, the government (they’re all the same in this respect) seem to have tied up a scheme with red tape.
    Things were confusing enough for us homeowners when they switched from the CORGI accreditation to what we have now.
    So who will pick up the cost of this Green Deal accreditation? Mostly the homeowners who want to take advantage of it, as most plumbers, rightly, will pass on the cost of gaining it.
    Plus you highlight the cowboys. I totally agree, they will fill their boots. Great telly for Rogue Traders I suppose.
    A similar thing is happening with the switchover to Freeview. My 84 year old Mum got a letter from an organisation using the BBC logo to sell Freeview kit for rip off prices. £117 for a basic box? I tell yer!
    Denny Halo