Saturday, 16 November 2013

Scrap Metal

The Scrap Metal Dealer act is changing 1st December 2013, but please note it says DEALER, I have heard many installers saying that as installers they will have to get additional licenses from December to allow them to sell scrap to scrap dealers, this is UNTRUE and comes from those who have misinterpreted the act, ensure you know what the changes are, but also note they do not effect you as an installer selling scrap to the scrap dealer the changes only effect those who buy scrap as a main part of their business, do not be fooled into the nonsense floating around, the main changes that could effect you is that your scrap dealer will ask to have more personal identification documents from you before they can buy your scrap, photocard driving license or passport plus a recent utility bill, some scrap dealers have already introduced this, mine included, they have been doing this for quite some time, so please don't be fooled by the nonsense going round, read the documents and if you hear people saying that installers have to have extra licences to sell scrap, put them right, it is rumours and gossip like this that ruins industries, here is a link to Explanatory notes on the scrap dealers act, be informed, knowledge is power, we have to allow for the fact there will be idiots who control these schemes who will misinterpret the act, know your rights.     

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