Sunday, 21 December 2014

Heating Controls

Are we going in the right direction with heating controls, in my opinion, No, the focus seems more aimed at gimmicks, control your heating from anywhere, this begs the question, Why? most modern heating controls have adequate time settings where different temperature settings can be set for different time periods, they also have a holiday function where the heating can be set lower while away and return to normal for the day or day before your return, why would anyone be in a position where they are sitting at work and think, I know, I will turn my heating up, it just seems pointless to me, I like the idea that you can make adjustment via your phone or tablet, if your at home and are feeling cold, or to hot you can make adjustments without leaving your seat, although this does make us lazier than we already are, but people want convenience, but in my opinion they should be focussing more on alerts to installers, if a fail is picked up on the boiler, it notifies the installer by text or email, or when a service is due, the installer is notified a week or two in advance as well as the owner been notified via their phone that the boiler is due a service, this would be beneficial to installers and could improve business, but it seems we are not important enough to worry about, they would rather play on the adjust your heating when your out to sell, rather than something that would be beneficial.  

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