Saturday, 4 February 2017

CGCS A New Gas Safety Scheme, What is Going ON!!!!

Some of you may be aware of the launch of a new gas safety scheme, some of you may not, its called CGCS Certification, which is Capita Gas Compliance Services, so straight away we see an issue, this scheme is been set up by CAPITA, who already run the Gas Safe Register.

Now do they give a reason why such a scheme is needed, do they show where the Gas Safe Register is failing and that they are there to pick up the slack, do they say that the Public are demanding such a scheme, are they saying that the industry is demanding such a scheme, in a word NO, there is absolutely no reason this accreditation is needed, or wanted, by either the industry or the public.

Lets look at some of the phrases they use as to the benefits to this accreditation, firstly I should point out that this scheme is "Currently" voluntary I give the old " " as I think that may change in the future should this scheme get off the ground, but you will have to pay to join the scheme, not much info yet on the costs,.

So some of the so called benefits "The new gas safety scheme is aimed at organisations that meet the legal requirement for gas safety, and want to demonstrate that they exceed it. We want to help those people get the recognition they deserve" Right, so they are implying that those of us who choose to just remain on the Gas Safe Register do not exceed gas safety requirements, really, so we all just bumble along just doing the bare minimum do we, I find that an insult, why do these people think we have to pay and belong to yet another scheme, to go beyond the bare minimum, well here is a fact for you, WE DON'T, most of us take our responsibility to gas safety very seriously and we do not need to pay someone for another sticker for the van to prove it. 

They say it will not undermine the Gas Safe Register, er Yes it will, if you have some on this new scheme and some not this will cause confusion to the public, they will not understand why there are two schemes.

Another so called benefit "The scheme is NOT mandatory, but there are lots of benefits for installers who want to get involved such as the UKAS accreditation being recognised by both public and private organisations" HaHaHaHaHa, sorry let me pick myself off the floor, the public are aware of UKAS, are they for real, let me let them into a little secret, NO THEY ARE NOT, you ask anyone when you visit their house to carry out gas work if they are aware of UKAS, I am very confident the majority of answers will be "No" the public  barely recognise Gas Safe, some still think its CORGI for crying out loud, so please, can they drop this nonsense that the public are aware of UKAS.

"The scheme is a benchmark for best practice. We can assess an installer’s business and help them find the most efficient way of working.
This can help cut their their costs, improve their gas risk rating, and lead to more work.It’s proof of quality, and can help installers protect their reputation". Reduce their gas risk rating?? what does that mean, what rating is this then, is there something else we are not been told, also what do you mean proof of quality, what makes you think belonging to your scheme proves anyone quality, it does not, we do that ourselves, also I don't need CGCS to protect my reputation, I built my reputation over 34 years in the industry and I protect it by carrying out high quality installations, I don't need CGCS to continue to do this.
"CGCS will reassure customers. As we’re UKAS accredited, it gives them even more peace of mind that their installer works to the highest standards". You really believe this do you, this just proves you do not understand how this industry works, as a sole trader, I and I know many others build a reputation, we get our work through word of mouth, we get recommended by previous customers, we do not get the job based on what accreditation scheme we belong to, the public do not care and are not even aware of accreditations, nor are they likely to ever care, they want an installer who when he visits there home is respectful, gives them all the information they need, instills confidence in their abilities to the customer through how they come across and how they understand the customers particular problem and the solution they present, this is what gets us work, not the fact that I have a certain accreditation or not, they simply do not care about such things.
In summary a reputation is built over many years, through hard work, quality customer relations and keeping up to date with changes in our industry and new technology, but it seems to me that these schemes think you can buy a reputation by paying to be part of their accreditation schemes, well I'm sorry that simply is not how the real world works
I think this scheme is pointless, it is not needed and I fear it is the start of many more pointless schemes, none of which will benefit the public, but they will line someones pockets which in my opinion is what it is all about


  1. For those of you who want to write to your MP or Damian Green at Dept of Works & Pensions & your not good at composing letters, you can copy this

    As you may be aware, since 1992 we have had a gas registration scheme for competent operatives in this country - firstly run by CORGI then taken over in 2009 by Capita running the GasSafe Register on behalf of the Health & Safety Executive.

    Today Capita has announced that it is running a new certification scheme that will try to attract those who go above and beyond in terms of gas safety - see

    Clearly this is a clear case of a conflict of interest and undermines the credibility of the existing register, when we will have a register of elite gas workers supported by the same company who are running the register.

    I hope you can raise this with HSE and get this abuse of position stopped in its tracks before we confuse the public and the whole credibity of the register is undermined.

    Barry Matthews

    1. Thank You Barry, I urge all installers to send this letter to you local MP and Damien Green, I certainly will be

  2. Here are the contact details for Damian Green MP


    Postal Address:
    Rt Hon Damian Green MP
    Secretary of State for DWP
    Department of Work and Pensions
    Caxton House
    Tothill Street
    SW1H 9NA

    Here is a website to find your local MP

  3. Best to go straight though to Mr Green here


    1. This email address is for him as an MP for Ashford Kent, and you have to be in his constituency for him to respond to emails to that email address, you have to add your full Ashford, Kent postal address to the email, otherwise it will not get a response, best using the email address for DWP matters

  4. Spot on Chris. Yet another money making scam by Capita.

  5. Thanks for the direct email to Damian Green MP Mike, I will resend my email to this email address