Friday, 25 March 2016

ErP A View From the Real World

So, we have had ErP now for coming up to 6 months, as an installer what changes do I see with introduction of the ErP directive.....errrmm.....oooohhh, let me think............ Ah Yes, NONE, oh no, tell a lie, we have a sticker that comes with the boiler, as I and many others said, before it even came into force the whole ErP is just a total waste of time and I see absolutely NO benefit to anyone, since its introduction, if someone could explain to me what benefit the ErP has I'm all ears. Are consumers saving lots of money on their fuel bills since its introduction, from my experience and feed back from customers, NO, are the heating systems and boilers any better than they were before ErP, NO, same boilers, same controls, do installers have more work due to its introduction, not from what I see.
The whole thing is just bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy, when I have installed a heating system with controls and printed of a system label and given it to the end user they look at me a bit strange, then usually ask, "How do I turn up the heating again" the ErP has no relevance or meaning to the public from what I see.
What about the The National Measurement and Regulation Office (NMRO) Who? I suspect is what a lot of you are saying, these are the people who are suppose to police the ErP, has anyone heard of them or from them, has anyone been prosecuted for not handing over the ErP label, no I doubt it, in fact, what are they supposed to police, how would they check and what can they do.
As stated in a previous post the ErP is meaningless, you can install an A rated boiler, with controls rated  Class VIII, which as a system will get you A+ but the property could be draughty,  with very poor insulation, meaning large fuel bills to keep the house warm, but the same system could be installed in a very well insulated property, with good air tightness, so how can both these systems have an A+ it's a complete joke and does not benefit the industry in any way  

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  1. Chris, I think your comments echo most people's findings about this nonsense.